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Warehouse Management Software (WMS), is a specialized application designed to optimize and manage various aspects of warehouse operations. It serves as a critical tool for businesses that rely on efficient inventory management and order processing.

Contact our TRACK software sales team at 877-712-2230 ext. 2. Pricing is specific to each tailored environment.

FEATURES of VISON warehouse management software include:

- receives freight in, puts freight away in a specific location, moves freight to new location, and ships freight out
- scans in bills of lading and/or packing slips and associates the .pdf with the freight for later easy recall
- automatically sends eMail notifications to employees or customers when freight is received or shipped
- generates a billing detail report based on parameters you set for how you charge
- estimate storage fees
- "ship lock" a specific job or customer to prevent freight from being shipped out (due to an overdue invoice for example)
- set up different billing parameters for different customers and/or jobs
- query inventory in warehouse based on a number of different parameters
- prints inventory labels with bar co de, cargo receipt reports, and shipping reports
- supports multiple warehouse locations
- perform an inventory reconciliation of entire warehouse(s)
- runs on both a "wand" version (used in the warehouse for scanning freight and a desktop version (used in the office)

The REQUIREMENTS of TRACK software are:
Motorola MC93 mobile computer for wand version
Windows 10/11 desktop PC for desktop version
MS SQL Server (local, hosted, or cloud)
label printer(s) (can be networked or local)
report printer(s) (can be networked or local)
one dedicated Windows 10/11 PC to control printing